Resilex PU2

Resilex PU2

Two-part epoxy-polyurethane adhesive for rubber, PVC, linoleum, wood, iron, ceramic and natural stone materials. For indoor and outdoor use.


Two-part epoxy-polyurethane adhesive for floor and wall tiles, it creates a very strong adhesive power, granting at the same time an excellent elasticity; it is suitable to lay floor and walls coatings of any material, PVC, rubber, linoleum, wood, iron, ceramics, on any base.

Resilex PU2 is particularly suitable for laying marbles and natural stone tiles or reconstituted stone tiles that could present unstable dimensions in presence of the dampness of usual cementitious adhesives; it is also suitable for laying thin big-sized porcelain stoneware on non absorbent bases, or bases exposed to heavy mechanical stresses.
Resilex PU2 is catalogued as a R2TE class adhesive, following EN 12004 normative.

Fields Of Application

  • gluing linoleum, PVC, and carpet, making sure that floor has a humidity level below 2% and is not subject to rising damp;
  • indoor and outdoor gluing for any type of ceramic tiles, glass mosaics or suchlike, for floors and walls, on any type of base. Laying in built-in bathrooms and kitchens, including on wooden bases;
  • on standard plastered or cement mortared walls, on wood, chipboard, plasterboard, prefabricated or cast-in-situ concrete;
  • on gypsum-based plaster/render which is dry and does not require priming;
  • laying new tiles on top of old flooring;
  • gluing false ceilings made of polystyrene and polyurethane foam, as well as gypsum rosettes;
  • anywhere you need to cover surfaces subject to strong vibrations and mechanical or thermal deformation;
  • anywhere you need to waterproof the laying surface;
  • gluing natural stone tiles that are unstable in damp environments.